Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Birthday and Beach

A little update for the last two months: April brought with it Walton's third birthday! I cannot believe we have a three-year old now; he is really much more a little boy and each day brings with it new challanges and hilarity with him. His big birthday surprise was his first bicycle, which he is thrilled about! He has special places that he "parks" it around the house. May allowed us to get a much-needed family vacation at the beach in Florida. We stayed at a beach condo with our dear friends the Luciano's and their two boys, and it was a lot of fun! Walton and Anthony really hit it off, and were little buds most of the time. Harry was kind of the third wheel, but he was ok with that :) Both boys enjoyed the beach, even warming up to being in the ocean by the end of the trip. They also liked swimming in the pool. Bill and Mike were able to get in some guy time with a couple of golf trips, and Mandy and I some shopping and walking on the boardwalk. Sunshine and gorgeous weather every day - so thankful for the opportunity! Kindermusik and Bible study have come to a close, so we are now beginning our (hopefully!) more laid-back summer schedule, if only we can get the summer weather! Below are pics of birthday, beach, and around the house.